mini headshotGordon Hui

Hello, I am Gordon Hui.

I am a full-stack software engineer. My day-to-day focuses on React/Redux on the frontend and Node/Express server design on the backend. I am trying to improve quality of life one application at a time. I am looking to work on products that are innovative, exceptional, and accessible that are impactful in our daily lives. Here is a list of the work I have done -


hateit homepage

deValtio is a chrome development tool used for visualizing and debugging React applications that use the state management library Valtio

Tools Used: React | Typescript | Chrome API | Valtio


pupperly homepage

Pupperly is a deployed web application that allows pet owners to aggregrate all their veterinary records in one easy to access place for pet related services or clinic changes.

Tools Used: NextJS | Material UI | Hasura | Netlify

In The Loop

in the loop homepage

In the Loop is a web applications that allow you to find local concerts, see a music video by the band and purchasing your tickets through Ticketmaster.

Tools Used: React | Chakra UI | MongoDB


after homepage

After is a web application that allows you to plan your post mortem experience and get your affairs in order.

Tools Used: React | Redux Toolkit | Node/Express | PostgreSQL

Hate It?

hateit homepage

H/ate It? is a web application used to track what you have eaten at different restaurants in order to avoid bad dishes and only order your favorites.

Tools Used: React | Node/Express | MongoDB

Contact Me

Always looking for new opportunities, please reach out.